Name: Arthur Henry Selwyn Moxley


Birth Date: 1880 Where: Brisbane, Queensland
Died: Nov, 1945 Where: Brisbane, Qld
Place of Enlistment: Queensland Age: 35
Serial Number: 2137 Battalion: 26th
Rank on Enlistment: Private Rank on Discharge/Death: Private

Awards: 1914 - 15 Star, British War Medal 1914 - 1920, Victory Medal,


Photograph Moxley

Service Details:



29 July

1915                      Brisbane, Queensland

15 January

1916                      Egypt (Tel-el-kibir)

21 March

1916                      France

6/7 June

1916                      Trench Raid

29 July – 27 Aug.

1916                      Pozieres (Sausage Valley)

4 August

1916                      Pozieres

6 September

1916                      Belgium


1916                      Ypres and Dernacourt

3 November

1916                      Battle of Ancres Heights & Fricourt

26 Febuary

1917                      Promoted Corporal

22 Febuary

1917                      Instructor Div. Bomb School

October 21

1917                      Returned from Bomb School

23 October

1917                      Promoted Sergeant

30 October

1917                      Wounded, Battle of Passchendale (Ypres)

22 January

1918                      Rejoined Battalion

7 April

1918                      Dernacourt

20 April

1918                      Ville Sur-Ancre


1918                      Morlancourt

27 June

1918                      Villers-Bretonneux

8 August

1918                      Reduced to ranks for striking a MP

29 August

1918                      Somme

8 August

1918                      Mont St. Quentin

2 Sept

1918                      Wounded Mont St. Quentin

11 November

1918                      Armistice

2 January

1919                      Returned to Australia





Biographical Details:

Born in 1880 to Thomas Crowley Moxley and Frances Lydia Knight in Brisbane, Arthur Henry Selwyn Moxley was the second youngest of a family of six girls and five boys.
In 1901, Arthur as part of the sixth Queensland Contingent, served in the Boer War in South Africa. He was the only Black ANZAC, Boer War veteran.
At the outbreak of World War 1 Arthur was employed as a Commission Agent.  He enlisted with the 4th Reinforcement of the 26th Battalion and after training in Egypt joined it in Tel-El-Kebir in January 1916.
During the Raid Arthur was part of the Left Bombing Party, a role he must have excelled at because in February 1917 he was appointed an instructor at the Division Bomb School. During this period he was promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant.
Arthur was wounded twice: the first time at Ypres, Belgium, when he was gassed.  On the second occasion in September 1918 his left arm was badly injured.  This saw him returned to Australia early in 1919. He was subsequently awarded a disability pension (T.P.I.).
During the war Arthur appeared before two Courts Martial.  On the first occasion he was accused of losing his kit. He claimed that it had been stolen and supported his case with witnesses.  He was found not guilty.
In the second case he had been drinking in a bar.  The proprietor had complained about poor behaviour in the past and a foot patrol had ordered Moxley to leave. In response he struck the Sergeant in command. He was found guilty and reduced to the ranks from his position of Sergeant.  
After returning from the war, in 1921, Moxley became a patrol officer for the Commonwealth Government at Morobi, New Guinea.  In April, 1925 he divorced his wife of 15 years on the grounds of desertion. He had two children one of whom died when he was serving in N.G. He married Emily Nelson in November 1925.
Arthur Moxley died in November 1945.