The Black Anzacs were 73 AIF soldiers, who took part in a raid on a German trench on the night of 6th June, 1916.  The raid was Australia's first action in Europe. Its purpose was to obtain prisoners, intelligence and weapons. They managed to capture three Germans and kill another 14 as well as gather much intelligence. Two Australians were killed and another 4 wounded while they were returning to Australian trenches. The soldiers were given 8 days leave in London where they were feted by the press who labelled them the Black Anzacs because they had blackened their faces with burnt cork for the raid. For MORE go to the full story.



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The following photograph shows only 42 of the 73 Black Anzacs. The officers are missing, 2 were killed during the raid, 4 were injured and others were ill. Move your mouse pointer over the faces (it changes to a hand if that soldier has been identied). Click for a different photo. Note, so far, only 24 of the soldiers have been identified.

Black Anzacs


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