Our Apologies:

It is nearly 100 years since this trench raid took place and certainly many years after the death of the last of the Black Anzacs.  Our biggest hurdle in telling their story is the fact that very few descendants or surviving relatives of these soldiers are even aware that they had relatives who were involved in such a significant raid.  For most of the Black Anzacs, a little note appears in their service record: “Took part in raid on trenches on night of 6/7 June 1916”.  There is also a list of names in battalion, war diaries reports.  Trench raids by the AIF became so common that even these details were omitted from later records.  This web site may be the first description of any raid, which contains a full list of the participants. 

This means that we are lacking biographical detail and photographs of most of the soldiers. Consequently, we may have made mistakes with details of the few we think we have identified.  Of course there is also the possibility of plain old human error.  If you find errors or can add to the information we have, please contact us Here.  Perhaps you can identify faces in the group photograph or have one you can loan us.  Perhaps you recognise a name and know someone who might have missed our website.  We are interested.

This website is far from complete so as we get better organised and as more information comes in we will expand on what is here.  Check back every now and then.


Black Anzacs Interest Group