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On the raid three prisoners were taken(June 6th,1916). They were questioned extensively. Although a detailed report appears in a war diary the soldiers were not named. It is interesting to speculate whether or not these men survived internment and the war. Perhaps they returned to Germany and had families. 

The following information was taken from a preliminary examination of the three prisoners. (awm4-1-5Part1 Div Intel Report):

All three prisoners were about 21 years of age, being respectively (a) 1916 class called up 21/9/15; (b) 1915 class recruits called up 2/5/15, and (c) Landsturm man, put back one year. They were of the 50th Reserve Division (231st Reserve Infantry Regiment) arriving on the Western Front from Russia in October 1915. They had held that sector since mid March, 1916. Their Divisional Commander was thought to be Freiherr von der Goltz. Their Brigade Commander Graf von Moltke and Regimental Commander Colonel August Fritsch.

Perhaps there is enough information here for someone with knowledge of the German WW1 archives to be able to identify these men.